FTFC19 RC Paper Airplane Chellenge

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So I made a little challange:
Paper airplanes usually fly pretty good, so lets scale them up and put electronics in and see how it goes!

To take part, simply make a threat in the user generated challenges topic that is titled: "FTFC19 PAC by (username)" and share your journey!

And thats how it works:
First you build a paper airplane and post a short flight video of it.
It doesnt matter If its your or someone elses design, but there are some rules:
1. Your plane must be folded out of printer paper, size and shape doesnt matter
2. You are not allowed to remove paper, but you can do cuts, for example for elevators
3. You are not allowed to use glue or tape, but you can use office clips as weight

After that you try to recreate your paper airplane in a bigger size and make it RC. This time, you can use any material or electronics you want, size and build techniques also doesnt matter. You can use foamboard and FT techniques, or try to fold it out of posterboard, or if you want you can build it out of balsa with a gas engine, it doesnt matter!
Post a flight video and plans if you can. Your flight video should include: a takeoff, a landing, a fast pass, a slow pass and some aerobatics/ special tricks or cool stuff, whatever you want.

Make sure to document your steps in your thread.

The challange ends at June 01st.

Scoring system/ maximum points to get:

Paper airplane:
Looks: 5
Flight stability: 10
Resembles a real plane: 5
Flight time: the number of seconds it stays airbourne
Easy to fold: 5

RC model:
How close its to the paper airplane: 20
Smart use of materials/ techniques: 15
Easy to build: 10
Use of common electronics: 5
Looks: 15
Durability: 10
Take-off: 10
Landing: 10
High speed performance: 10
Low speed performance: 10
Aerobatics: 10
Special features: 15

Build process documentary: 15

I hope you take part and have fun with this challange! You dont have to take it super serious, the thing that matters most is that you have fun!
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Okay if we use Letter (8.5 x 11) in the US? If I recall, A4 is larger Just reward for all the years we have had easy access to Dollar Tree foamboard ;)