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Foam Prop-N-Slot Paper Airplane Build

Alright guys, today I’m working on a new build, inspired by flitetest’ recent RC foam paper airplane video. Mine is more of a mini scale, and I will be powering it off of an 1806 2300kv and a 3s 1300 hopefully on a 5 inch prop.

The build is underway and I can’t wait to watch it progress and hopefully fly. I have made the airframe itself and I just need to mount the electronics. It’s a simple, no airfoil, isosceles triangle up top, added a little bit of dihedral on the centerline, and used a negative cutout triangle as a fuselage on the bottom.

My only concern here is the torque roll from the single motor. any way to combat this? I was planning on a simple bank n yank plane, but if rudder would help, Im all for it. Let me know your thoughts!

Of course I am also working on a design/build/ flight video for my youtube channel, so stay tuned for that as well!

Electronics have been mounted! Running an 1806 2300kv SunnySky Motor, 20a ZTW esc, 9g servos, and a (fake) spektrum AR6210 that should get the job done for the moment. Battery is a 1300 3s 45c from Tattu, But I have some 700mah packs on the way.

Prop is a diatone 5x4