1. Dr. Looping Looie

    FTFC19 RC Paper Airplane Chellenge

    So I made a little challange: Paper airplanes usually fly pretty good, so lets scale them up and put electronics in and see how it goes! To take part, simply make a threat in the user generated challenges topic that is titled: "FTFC19 PAC by (username)" and share your journey! And thats how it...
  2. K

    Supreme Skills! World Record for Paper Plane Flight Distance

    I ran across this on YT and thought it of interest to many here, so I thought I would share: Humorous Japanese TV show kitch aside, there really are some fantastic and novel ideas presented. It's brilliant, really! Check it out! Cheers +kenrom-
  3. C

    Eckersly Black Posterboard, remove paper?

    Hey guys, I got a couple of sheets of the black poster board from Eckersly (I live in Australia). This might be a super dumb question, but all the plans from Flite Test leave the paper on the foam board on both sides unless it is specified in the plans right? I looked at a few of the awesome...
  4. CarboardKings

    Cardboard Trainer

    Give us a box and a plane it shall be! Modeled after our rubber band powered plane.
  5. J

    First Time Scratch Build

    I am just starting to get into the hobby and am working on making a mini arrow. I decided to run out and get dollar tree foam board instead of ordering a speed build kit (bad idea?). I have had the plans printed out full scale and am about to begin construction. My question is to whether the...
  6. S

    Building one from scratch.

    Hi, I'm from the UK and I was thinking about having a go at building one of these myself. It would be nice to have all the parts pre cut and ready, but I can't seem to be able to get the shipping calculator to work on the store, and I'm guessing it wouldn't be cheap to get a full kit shipped to...