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  1. bennybl

    RC Parachute

    Hi FliteTest team ! First of all i would like to thank you for everything ! I've been following your videos for the past... 3 years. Your overall attitude towards RC is the very thing that got me into the hobby. I would like to suggest an episode on RC parachutes. for the past few months i've...
  2. U

    Recovery Parachutes

    There was the episode a while back with the parachute plane, but I would love to see an episode for Heli, Multirotor, and plane pilots on recovery parachute options, for when things go too wrong to catch, and espeically for multis, since they have the glide path of a homesick rock. I know...
  3. Hionimi

    Parachute to rescue a drone, mounting questions.

    Hi, it seems the law in my country (Netherlands) is about to enforce parachute systems on drones, I'm cool with that and would love to get something like that as not only does that qualify me to fly legally, but also prevents damage to anything and anyone which is great! :cool: Now, there are...
  4. gurcsik

    Parachute idea with a twist

    I really like the idea of the simple bomb drop mechanism to carry a variety of things but what about this: Has anyone tried attaching a larger parachute to the tail of the plane itself? I think it would be hilarious if you were in midflight or a stall and when you flipped a switch, you would...