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RC Parachute


Junior Member
Hi FliteTest team !

First of all i would like to thank you for everything ! I've been following your videos for the past... 3 years. Your overall attitude towards RC is the very thing that got me into the hobby.

I would like to suggest an episode on RC parachutes.
for the past few months i've been looking to add a parachute to my quad, and there's no good solution out there.
The 'professional' once are ridiculously expansive ! - cost more than the model itself.
(e.g: MARS, Skycat)

I've been looking at some videos on YouTube of guys making their own solutions.. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqH3daEgAo) and i even tried several of them with some success.

I do remember the video you did back on Apr 2012... but i thought it will be a good idea to create tutorial of how to do it "FliteTest Style :cool:"

Thank you for everything !
You can make a very crude version with just a parachute and a servo. If you have a camera plate on your quad you can attach it to the bottom of that with a servo hooked to a spare channel. You can have it set to a switch or to the failsafe so it releases when signal is lost. Just make your motors are set to turn off on the same switch or with failsafe. Most of this depends on your radio. I've thought about even adding bright colored streamer so if it goes down in trees you have something easier to spot. Pretty much the same concept as a bomb drop just with a parachute.