parallel charging

  1. Sneery

    Choosing/Using a charger (No idea)

    I have a battery, then realized, hey, no way to charge this thing. Looked at some chargers on Amazon, and found something called a parallel charging board (Board Link) for $11. It fits my XT30 battery, but should I go with something else? Also, what the heck is a parallel charging board and how...
  2. L

    3 LiPo Setup, Can it Work?

    Ok, so I've got an idea for a build and before I start putting the work in, wanted to ask a question. Basically I want to build a twin engine pusher and have a specific battery setup in mind to give the stability/cg characteristics I want. The desired battery setup is as follows: One 1500mah...
  3. P

    Need parrallel charging help

    What is the best way to balance lipos to the same voltage before parallel charging? I have the Turnigy Accucel 6. There is a storage mode but I don't think that balances all the cells. There is a discharge mode but I never used it before. Any ideas?