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Need parrallel charging help

What is the best way to balance lipos to the same voltage before parallel charging? I have the Turnigy Accucel 6. There is a storage mode but I don't think that balances all the cells. There is a discharge mode but I never used it before. Any ideas?


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IMHO Unless you have "tiny" capacity batteries the Accucel 6 is a bit anemic for parallel charging but it should have a balance function for individual batteries (2S or greater of course).

What exactly are you trying to charge?

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The 3S 2200 mAh batteries should be charged at about 2.2A (C-10 or 1/10 battery capacity)
The Accucel 6 is a 6A charger so you could charge at most (at C-10 or 2.2A in this case) is 2 batteries at a time. To balance them you need to charge separately or they could be charged in a series but to balance you would have to make up a balance port connector for each battery that both connect to a 6S balance plug then it to your charger. This would charge and balance both batteries.

The charger has the capacity for the 3S 500 mAh batteries but you have the limitation that the charger can only monitor 6S as a max so you are still limited to 2 at a time in series with the balance plug configuration described above.

The dual balance plug adapter (2X 3s to 6S) is the key and may have to be built from parts.

I see what your are saying. I have the parallel charging board from Hobby King. I also have another problem. I am using a computer power supply for my power source and I am only getting about 4 amps when charging even when I set the charger to 6 amps. What is this coming from? I am using 2 of the yellow 12v wires and 2 black ground wires. On the power supply it says 16 amp max for the 12v wires so it should be enough right?

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If I read this right you just want the batteries at the same voltage and you're not trying to balance charge right? Just plug them in together an they will equalize on their own. Then you can charge them together. You can go 1amp per thousand milliamperes. If you have two 2200s you have 4400 and can charge at 4.4 amps. The accucell will charge up to 6amps as long as your power supply will handle it. Try connecting your charger to your car battery and see if it will work. That will tell you if it's your power supply.