park 300

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    Turnigy Park 300 only starts at 3/4 of throttle

    Hi there, I had my maiden today with my first self built plane - the FT flyer. It flies great, but I noticed something I'm not used to. The Powerpod is equipped with Turnigy Park 300 motor. The motor won't start spinning before giving it about 3/4 of throttle on both 2s and 3s cells. After it...
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    Anycopter 370 Quad config. Gimbal

    Hey everyone, I got a question, I've build a Anycopter 370 as a Quad config. with Park 300 1080kV Motors and a DJI NAZA M Lite w GPS on it. What do you think I can load on the Quad, is the Quad able to to lift a Gimbal (185 g) and the SJ4000 Cam (60 g)? Best reegards from Germany, Johannes
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    TG Park 300

    Hi all. Whats your opinion about a park300 1080kv 25g. on the 3 swappable kits? Rather go with a faster, 1300-1400kv motor or is the lower kv even better for beginners like us? We are about to order a bunch of things from HK and dont want to buy the wrong things, since its over sea shipping...