Turnigy Park 300 only starts at 3/4 of throttle

Hi there, I had my maiden today with my first self built plane - the FT flyer. It flies great, but I noticed something I'm not used to. The Powerpod is equipped with Turnigy Park 300 motor. The motor won't start spinning before giving it about 3/4 of throttle on both 2s and 3s cells. After it started, it behaves normally and only stops if the stick is full down. Is this normal with this motor? Or is the BSC programmed oddly? BSC is a Turnigy Plush, and I did calibrate throttle before flying.



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Hi grundrauschen welcome to the forum! A motor should work with the full range of throttle. Are you sure you are calibrating the ESC correctly? - Without battery connected put throttle to full then plug the battery in. After a series of beeps return the throttle to zero and you should hear another beep or two, then unplug the battery.


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Also: Make sure your throttle trim is centered before you do that.