Anycopter 370 Quad config. Gimbal


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Hey everyone,

I got a question, I've build a Anycopter 370 as a Quad config. with Park 300 1080kV Motors and a DJI NAZA M Lite w GPS on it.
What do you think I can load on the Quad, is the Quad able to to lift a Gimbal (185 g) and the SJ4000 Cam (60 g)?

Best reegards from Germany,



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Hi Johannes,

if you've already flown it you should be able to roughly figure that our yourself. How much throttle do you have to give to hover just the copter? If you are not more than half you should be able to add weight. How much? Just get a small bottle of water (~250ml -> ~250g) to the bottom of your copter and see if and how it flies :)

If you get that gimble I'd love to see a little review.