1. philgabanski

    KF-14 Tomcat Parkjet easier build!

    Anyone who loves jets aspires to have the most iconic planes in there fleet! For many that plane is the mighty Tomcat, immortalised after Tom Cruise and the Topgun movies! While an amazing feet of engineering for its day, it was retired primarily due to maintenance costs and complexity of its...
  2. f-35lover

    Edf as second plane?

    Hello! i am a novice pilot but i want to fly edfs as a second plane.(my first plane is the simple scout) I'm thinking of the ft Viggen or a random depron edf parkjet. any suggestions or tips? I don't know if i should fly edfs because i have only been flying slow planes. Thanks
  3. philgabanski

    New to this Video thing! My first on board video from my SU-34 Propjet!

    Hey all, This is my first on board video on my SU-34, was a little worried that the camera wouldn't stay on so I stuck with low rates. Camera stayed on fine luckily!
  4. H

    6mmflyrc Parkjets?

    Has anyone ever built or flew one of these kits, and are they any good, it's going to be £90 ($150) so I want to make sure they fly well, and are relatively easy to build. Thanks in advance. Andrew. \m/_
  5. G

    Swappable F-35 Parkjet

    I am new to the FliteTest forum, and I have enjoyed every swappable and scratch build video these guys have put out. It inspired me to get back into flying. I am a rookie at best, so I have enjoyed all the info, article and video here. I have been building planes like crazy. I love the swappable...