Swappable F-35 Parkjet


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I am new to the FliteTest forum, and I have enjoyed every swappable and scratch build video these guys have put out. It inspired me to get back into flying. I am a rookie at best, so I have enjoyed all the info, article and video here. I have been building planes like crazy. I love the swappable series planes and have built a few. I came across Dave Powers site and I love the work they do too. I had the crazy idea to combine both swappable power pod/dollar tree foam/park jets. I came up with a 90% scaled down version of RCPowers F-35 v2 Parkjet with a FliteTest power pod with pusher prop. I have put several hours into this build and am ready to take her out tomorrow for her first flight.
I scaled this plane down to work with the power pod and so I could swap it between my other planes. I have a larger power plant coming but I wanted to see what she will do with my pod setup the way it is for my other planes.

I still have a little left on it tonight but should be ready to fly tomorrow! I'll post photos or videos tomorrow.


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Very cool idea! And if she flies anywhere near as good as she looks...! Let us know how it goes!


That is an awesome plane and a great idea. I have built around 5 or 6 RCP F-35s. They are a lot of fun. Never thought of doing a swappable pusher jet, I may try that. Let us know how it goes, I am very curious. A+ for this!