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  1. PiperCub49

    16" "Dead Simple" Flying Wing w/ VIDEO

    Hey guys, A few days ago, I saw Chrizz's post about a flying wing and thought that it would be a fast and fun build, so I pulled out the paper, pencil, ruler, and calculator and scaled the plans down by hand. It took about four to five hours of easy building. My brother and I are still...
  2. E

    Budget Plane

    Hello every one and Josh and Josh. i know you guys already did a challenge on "making" a RC plane on a budget, how about instead of creating a plane from your mine, make a plane by just getting the parts? For example, a year back, a friend let me fly his ParkZone F-27C stryker and i loved it and...
  3. JimCR120

    Kudos to Horizon Hobby

    For many of us it was that first episode of Flite Test that struck a nice chord that resonated in us. There is a definite different quality in the show and many people connect with it. But I would venture to say that it wasn't just another show we were looking for but rather we were attracted to...
  4. WarbirdFan66

    New Parkzone Spitfire MKIX

    Hi Pilots, i was very excited when i saw the first pictures of the new, well not that new, Parkzone Spitfire. The Plane looks great and seems to fly very nice too, considering the flight videos i saw on the net. I specially like the retract option but i was unable to find a guy on the net who...