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  1. James Dougal

    parkzone p-51d Mustang bl

    hey guys either a review (theres hundreds out there tho) or why not just show people how to mod this amazing plane like how to change the set up of different motors esc and batts or how to install the flap mod or retractable landing gear or even nav lights ? or anything else you guys can think...
  2. PiperCub49

    16" "Dead Simple" Flying Wing w/ VIDEO

    Hey guys, A few days ago, I saw Chrizz's post about a flying wing and thought that it would be a fast and fun build, so I pulled out the paper, pencil, ruler, and calculator and scaled the plans down by hand. It took about four to five hours of easy building. My brother and I are still...
  3. E

    Budget Plane

    Hello every one and Josh and Josh. i know you guys already did a challenge on "making" a RC plane on a budget, how about instead of creating a plane from your mine, make a plane by just getting the parts? For example, a year back, a friend let me fly his ParkZone F-27C stryker and i loved it and...
  4. JimCR120

    Kudos to Horizon Hobby

    For many of us it was that first episode of Flite Test that struck a nice chord that resonated in us. There is a definite different quality in the show and many people connect with it. But I would venture to say that it wasn't just another show we were looking for but rather we were attracted to...
  5. WarbirdFan66

    New Parkzone Spitfire MKIX

    Hi Pilots, i was very excited when i saw the first pictures of the new, well not that new, Parkzone Spitfire. The Plane looks great and seems to fly very nice too, considering the flight videos i saw on the net. I specially like the retract option but i was unable to find a guy on the net who...