Kudos to Horizon Hobby

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For many of us it was that first episode of Flite Test that struck a nice chord that resonated in us. There is a definite different quality in the show and many people connect with it. But I would venture to say that it wasn't just another show we were looking for but rather we were attracted to a plane. In this case it was that historic F4F Wildcat.

Horizon Hobby, should you ever read this, I would just like to cordially thank you.

First, thank you for joining in and supporting this show that promotes something more substantial than just a hobby but a craft that combines science, art, and humor while encouraging relationships and wholesome fun, all while getting us back outside and enjoying creation again.

Secondly, thank you for aircraft that are so attractive to look at and fun to fly. My son has a number of micro flyers and has enjoyed them all but it was the Wildcat that brought us and so many viewers to ever experience Flite Test the first time.

Thanks and welcome.



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Very well put Jim. With the way flite test really took off, I think we all knew that eventually HH couldn't resist. It was just a matter of time. Great job FT and congrats.
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