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  1. J

    DragonFly Build Video with a DJI Naza w/GPS

    Hey Team Flite Test! First off huge fan. Im new to the multirotor side of the hobby and am really wanting to build Josh's Dragon Fly multirotor for doing some AP work. I would think the community would really benefit from one of your detailed build videos. Also would love to see the set up...
  2. J

    Tricopter/penta-copter (dragonfly) counter clockwise rotating props?

    Dear Community, It has been a while since my last visit here (2012), but finally I found/made the time to get into multirotors. Beginning where I left off: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?1837-wich-one-should-I-choose-tri-or-quad. I decided I first build an tri-copter and after I...
  3. T

    DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed

    FIXED: firmware re-flash. DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed Hello all, I just finished my DragonFly build and I have a odd behavior. At least to me I am running CleanFlight 1.9 with a Naze32 and all stock components from the FT kit, with electronics from FT. When...
  4. M

    Dragonfly Motors Right threaded (CCW) and Left threaded (CW) position

    I purchased the powerpack kit with the dragonfly. It came with 3 Red cap (CCW/Right threaded) motors and 2 Black cap (CW/Left threaded) motors. I have found conflicting information on the position of these motors. The included diagram was posted on another thread. It shows 3 props going CW...