plane mods

  1. Wrench Monkey

    FT Cub V2 tweaks and mods!

    I recently found myself with some spare time due to the COVID-19 situation, and figured I'd make the best of my extra day off. This is my second cub build and although my first cub was a good transition from 3ch to 4ch, I found it lacking in some respects (stability, didn't handle wind well...
  2. Joexer

    Help! Thoughts on FT Goblin Mods (Making it more of a LOS cruiser)

    So I've decided my next plane will be an FT Goblin, but I would like it to be a bit more LOS cruiser than FPV racer as it seems by default. I am almost obsessed with stall characteristics because I enjoy flying rather slow, hovering into the wind and the like. I also happen to adore the stall...
  3. Rcoilots101

    4 channel mighty mini sportster in heavy gusts

    I really love the Sportster models in particular the mighty mini,but found it difficult to control outdoors because its always windy where i live, so i popped on 2 x 5g servos and lengthened the wing by 10%, I hope you enjoy the video. Battle with the Wind