1. Ventus

    Building the Balrog - 2kg/70oz biplane - out of foamboard (but also balsa and plywood ;)

    Description The goal of the project was to make use of a couple of old ~450W+ motors (Dualsky XM3548CA-5 850kV and Turnigy C3548 900kV) and four 4s 2300mAh LiFe battery packs that have been lying around idle for several years now. Since this stuff is pretty heavy, and since I like biplanes, it...
  2. L

    Balsa Build Series

    Hello all, big fan of the show and all your content. However, I have a suggestion for show content that I'd like you to consider. I completely understand the focus on foam board and BBQ skewer construction methods as it allows new hobbyist to get into the air cheaply and quickly, however for...
  3. Fygar

    Plywood FT Flyer

    Anyone every try to build and FT Flyer out of plywood? No not really. I did make templates for an FT Flyer though. A much cheaper alternative to springing for your own laser cutter. This makes building another very fast because you only have to print and tile together the plans once. If...