Building the Balrog - 2kg/70oz biplane - out of foamboard (but also balsa and plywood ;)




The goal of the project was to make use of a couple of old ~450W+ motors (Dualsky XM3548CA-5 850kV and Turnigy C3548 900kV) and four 4s 2300mAh LiFe battery packs that have been lying around idle for several years now. Since this stuff is pretty heavy, and since I like biplanes, it was an easy decision to build a biplane for a good lift/weight ratio, while trying to make it as aerobatic as possible.

With the local variety of foamboard also being somewhat on the heavier side the total flying weight of the plane turned out higher than I had hoped, but I guess this is par for the course for almost any design ;).

However, the wing loading still falls well within acceptable range for aerobatic performance, and the Balrog flies quite well. On the old and heavy LiFePo (those are made with the original A123 cells) it only draws ~28Amps with a 12x6 prop and is a bit sluggish, so let's just say it can be considered an advanced aileron trainer ;). Haven't tried it with a bigger prop yet, but my strong suspicion is the limitation is on the battery side.

But with 4s LiPos (I tested it with Turnigy 2200mAh 4s packs) it simply becomes a different beast, quick, agile, easy vertical climb (I was able to hover it for ~30s at approx. 80% throttle).

This video was filmed during the second flight, with LiFe batteries (I apologise for the horrendous quality, it was filmed with a phone and impossible to focus properly)


Wingspan: 1100mm (43.3")
Length: 1050mm (41.3")
Wing Area: 41.4 dm2 (642
Flying weight: 2.02 kg (71.3 oz)
Wing loading: 48.8g/dm2 (16 oz/sq. ft.)
Wing cube loading 7.6 (~10.0 when adjusted for biplane wing efficiency)
Motor: Dualsky XM3548CA-5 850kV 650W, 40A max
ESC: Turnigy Plush 60A with external 3/5A Turnigy switching UBEC set at 6.0V
Servos: 4 x Power HD 2216 MG 15.8g digital metal gear servos (3.9kg-cm)
Prop: 12x6 APC E
Battery: 13.2V 4s LiFe, or 14.8V 4s LiPo 2200-3300mAH for full aerobatic performance

Features / flying characteristics

* Foamboard construction reinforced with balsa+plywood internal structure and wing supports
* Fully symmetrical airfoil for aerobatics
* "Shark teeth" (idea stolen form Flex Innovations' Mamba) for gentle stall / high AOA performance
* Both wings are mounted with nylon screws, detachable for transport and (hopefully) during any serious crash

The initial flights required about 7% elevator up trim, the other trims were perfect at 0%. A very slight increase in side-thrust and decrease in downthrust, for perfectly straight tracking, is probably on the cards at some time, but not really an issue anyway.

A degree of adverse yaw in turns was experienced, making rudder input desirable to necessary. Should be fixed with programming in some aileron differential and maybe a slight CoG adjustment (which will likely also be needed for knife edge)

Stalls are very smooth and gentle with no wing dropping tendencies (possibly due to the "shark teeth") - as seen in the video (high/heavy landing)

Moderate flaperon deflection for landing (~10deg) caused no visible change in pitch during approach - further experimentation needed ;)

Tracking is very good both in normal and inverted flight

Very stable in hover in windless conditions.

The only worrying issue is pretty heavy downward (away form cockpit) coupling in knife edge; there's some room to alleviate it by moving the battery (i.e. CoG) forward a centimeter or so, but ultimately some mixing and/or attentive flying in order to hold KE will be required.

Build photos

Laminated carbon/fiberglass landing gear:

IMG_20181011_224832.jpg IMG_20181013_165003.jpg IMG_20181013_165036.jpg

Fuselage balsa/plywood internal structure:

IMG_20181014_142606.jpg IMG_20181014_173552.jpg IMG_20181014_225437.jpg IMG_20181014_225620.jpg IMG_20181014_225827.jpg IMG_20181015_231736.jpg IMG_20181016_141954.jpg

Lower wing construction:

IMG_20181014_142556.jpg IMG_20181016_235414.jpg IMG_20181017_005205.jpg IMG_20181017_112655.jpg IMG_20181017_125216.jpg IMG_20181017_224132.jpg IMG_20181017_233635.jpg IMG_20181018_115037.jpg IMG_20181018_163220.jpg IMG_20181018_172950.jpg IMG_20181018_214928.jpg

Fuselage continued:

IMG_20181017_164639.jpg IMG_20181017_172708.jpg IMG_20181017_192616.jpg IMG_20181017_220406.jpg IMG_20181020_124217.jpg IMG_20181020_124243.jpg

Upper wing and wing struts/supports:

IMG_20181020_133539.jpg IMG_20181020_143954.jpg IMG_20181020_163441.jpg IMG_20181020_212232.jpg IMG_20181020_232729.jpg IMG_20181021_175731.jpg

Tail, engine cowling, complete fuselage:

IMG_20181021_205047.jpg IMG_20181022_000804.jpg IMG_20181022_001730.jpg IMG_20181022_133933.jpg IMG_20181022_151106.jpg IMG_20181023_094528.jpg IMG_20181023_095828.jpg

Spray painting:

IMG_20181023_160517.jpg IMG_20181023_094626.jpg IMG_20181024_134032.jpg IMG_20181024_135600.jpg

Removable top cover, motor+ESC mount, control rods, shark teeth and the pilot :cool::

IMG_20181024_163200.jpg IMG_20181025_000354.jpg IMG_20181025_000424.jpg IMG_20181025_000617.jpg IMG_20181025_171807.jpg IMG_20181025_205458.jpg IMG_20181025_205521.jpg IMG_20181025_212451.jpg IMG_20181026_201302.jpg IMG_20181029_212834.jpg IMG_20181029_214117.jpg


IMG_20181031_081839.jpg IMG_20181031_081846.jpg IMG_20181031_103947.jpg IMG_20181031_103953.jpg IMG_20181031_104006.jpg IMG_20181031_104011.jpg IMG_20181031_104150.jpg IMG_20181031_104209.jpg
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yep. gonna be trying to resolve this issue for sure, for some reason I personally find KE to be the most attractive way to fly an airplane ;)