1. Incader

    Help! What Paint theme should I go for on the FT Tutor?

    I was thinking about a yellow lightning bolt Cub style with a white body? Or maybe even stars and bars?
  2. Vimana89

    Solved Inspiration Poll: What Type of Plane Should I Make Next?

    Going to run this poll for a few days, and see where the interest is. I've got a couple electronics setups that are free to build around, and have been having a bit of an uninspired spell. I may build yet another plane before these results are closed out to keep busy, but I will take them into...
  3. BS projects inc.


    Old thread, no longer relevant
  4. TurtlesThatFly

    Should there be a free flight and/or rockets section here?

    Based on posts recently, it seems that people on this forum are moving towards free flight and rockets. Because of how popular they were getting, I decided to start a poll here to see what everyone thinks about it and how much they might contribute to it. :D Hopefully the mods would notice it :)
  5. colorex

    What plane should I get?

    Hi guys, I wanted to hear from YOU what plane I should get. If you watched the "Flying through glass" episode, you'll know what I'm talking about.