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  1. T

    Versacopter v2 with ppm lemonrx and DX9

    So I finally completed my versacopter v2 build using Flitetest electronics pack. The only difference is I am using a dx9 and a lemonrx 8 channel ppm reciever. Used pid setting provided by the video for a baseline(I am a newb tuner). Tried to set the loop time like in the video but no matter what...
  2. Raptortech

    PPM, CPPM, S.Bus???? R620X problem with Pixhawk...

    So I have an R620X receiver. I bought it, bound it, and tested it with a servo. All good. Then, I went to connect it to my Pixhawk, and got nothing. The R620X is advertised and a CPPM receiver, which should work just fine with the Pixhawk, but I got nothing. Just to be sure it wasn't me being...
  3. A

    Emax SImonK ESC

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an EMAX 12A ESC for my FT Mini Scout and can't get it working. I previously had a Turnigy plush 12A which worked just fine but I destroyed it one day by shorting it... The problem with the new ESC is that, when connecting the battery I don't get the usual series...
  4. M

    Autotune with 6-channel transmitter and PPM

    Hi! I have a spektrum DX6i transmitter and I'm connecting to my Mini APM through PPM (CPPM). As I want to autotune my craft I need to use channel 7 or channel 8 for setting the "autotune mode". My problem is I don't have a channel 7, I only have 6 channels. How can I remap channel 6 to channel...
  5. rcflyer729

    ppm reciever

    I want to get a cc3d but there is a little problem. I do not have a receiver that does not supports ppm input can I get something that will in able me to use my receiver for ppm or do I have to get a hole new receiver?
  6. EraJomppa

    PPM inputs on Turnigy 9X running ER9x.

    Okay, first off: I built a headtracker (link to the project on RCG) using an arduino that plugs into the trainer port and inputs the head movements (all 3 axis if I wish) to 3 different channels that I can choose (at input, choose PPM1-8). It works like a charm and I can trim it using the GUI...