1. J

    Help! Anybody Know How To Keep PWM Settings?

    So I was trying to program my flight controller in betaflight today and when I was trying to change the Receiver (in configuration) to PWM, I would hit save and reboot but when it rebooted it changed back to PPM. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  2. HariUp

    Solved FC not recognising PPM signal.

    On Cleanflight, when I jiggle the joysticks of my transmitter, nothing shows up on the screen when I go to the Receiver menu. I am using an SP Racing F3 Evo Brushed Motor FC with Cleanflight, and a FlySky FS-T4B Transmitter with a FS-R6B Receiver. The PWM signals from the receiver are converted...
  3. B

    Help using PPM with quadcopter

    Hi, So i am trying to use this flight controller, https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-lux-f7-ultimate-flight-controller-dual-gyros.html and connect it with this transmitter...
  4. T

    Versacopter v2 with ppm lemonrx and DX9

    So I finally completed my versacopter v2 build using Flitetest electronics pack. The only difference is I am using a dx9 and a lemonrx 8 channel ppm reciever. Used pid setting provided by the video for a baseline(I am a newb tuner). Tried to set the loop time like in the video but no matter what...
  5. Raptortech

    PPM, CPPM, S.Bus???? R620X problem with Pixhawk...

    So I have an R620X receiver. I bought it, bound it, and tested it with a servo. All good. Then, I went to connect it to my Pixhawk, and got nothing. The R620X is advertised and a CPPM receiver, which should work just fine with the Pixhawk, but I got nothing. Just to be sure it wasn't me being...
  6. A

    Emax SImonK ESC

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an EMAX 12A ESC for my FT Mini Scout and can't get it working. I previously had a Turnigy plush 12A which worked just fine but I destroyed it one day by shorting it... The problem with the new ESC is that, when connecting the battery I don't get the usual series...
  7. M

    Autotune with 6-channel transmitter and PPM

    Hi! I have a spektrum DX6i transmitter and I'm connecting to my Mini APM through PPM (CPPM). As I want to autotune my craft I need to use channel 7 or channel 8 for setting the "autotune mode". My problem is I don't have a channel 7, I only have 6 channels. How can I remap channel 6 to channel...
  8. rcflyer729

    ppm reciever

    I want to get a cc3d but there is a little problem. I do not have a receiver that does not supports ppm input can I get something that will in able me to use my receiver for ppm or do I have to get a hole new receiver?
  9. EraJomppa

    PPM inputs on Turnigy 9X running ER9x.

    Okay, first off: I built a headtracker (link to the project on RCG) using an arduino that plugs into the trainer port and inputs the head movements (all 3 axis if I wish) to 3 different channels that I can choose (at input, choose PPM1-8). It works like a charm and I can trim it using the GUI...