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Versacopter v2 with ppm lemonrx and DX9


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So I finally completed my versacopter v2 build using Flitetest electronics pack. The only difference is I am using a dx9 and a lemonrx 8 channel ppm reciever. Used pid setting provided by the video for a baseline(I am a newb tuner). Tried to set the loop time like in the video but no matter what I set it to using the Cli and GUI it never changes from 1000. I knew it might cause issues but decided to give it a try, took it outside all was good until it started to occultation on all axis and shot up 15 feet before I could hit throttle cut. How does loop time affect pid or is there a way for me to adjust the loop time to get 1500. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.


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I know this is simple and you probably did but I was having problems when I first set mine up as well. Was all excited it was done and kept forgetting you have to save EVERY page you make changes on before going to next page. Is it a case where you forgot to save the page you set it in as well as the save command in the CLI?