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  1. JGplanes

    Ready for combat and loaded for bear

    After watching the FT Battleship episode with the warbirds dropping bombs, I decided there wasn't enough good (somewhat realistic) bomb drops. I began designing these, and I'm pretty close to the final product. It prints in three pieces, snaps together, and uses one 9g servo. It also has built...
  2. ftwingnut

    FT Full Size Plan Printing Service

    I am a fellow FliteTest builder/pilot, and have built many of the FT designs, so I am fully aware of the pain of printing tiled pages and taping them together to cut out the parts. I am also fully aware of the pain of trying to get an office supply store to print full size plans at the correct...
  3. J

    Print tiled

    I got the following plans (F6F-Hellcat) from Flying Penguin but I do not know how to format the PDF and make it tile-style so I can print it out. Is there a chance someone can give it a go or tell me how to do it myself? I fiddled a bit with the printer settings but I didn't find anything that...
  4. A

    How to enlarge and print 3 view scale plans for model aircraft.

    Using Microsoft Office Publisher and any printer I demonstrate how you can scale up a 3 view drawing to any size you desire to build off. Ideal for the scratch semi or scale builder of RC model aircraft. Goto http://youtu.be/WtWtjY8vuxY to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a...
  5. D

    Printing up large plans... (Kraken)

    So, I've looked into getting the Kraken plans printed out in a large format. The cost is prohibitively expensive in most cases, and just expensive in one... A few of the quotes from printers near me were in the $200 range. One was $35, which I still consider too expensive... So, how do you...