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  1. ftwingnut

    FT Full Size Plan Printing Service

    I am a fellow FliteTest builder/pilot, and have built many of the FT designs, so I am fully aware of the pain of printing tiled pages and taping them together to cut out the parts. I am also fully aware of the pain of trying to get an office supply store to print full size plans at the correct...
  2. J

    Print tiled

    I got the following plans (F6F-Hellcat) from Flying Penguin but I do not know how to format the PDF and make it tile-style so I can print it out. Is there a chance someone can give it a go or tell me how to do it myself? I fiddled a bit with the printer settings but I didn't find anything that...
  3. A

    How to enlarge and print 3 view scale plans for model aircraft.

    Using Microsoft Office Publisher and any printer I demonstrate how you can scale up a 3 view drawing to any size you desire to build off. Ideal for the scratch semi or scale builder of RC model aircraft. Goto http://youtu.be/WtWtjY8vuxY to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a...
  4. D

    Printing up large plans... (Kraken)

    So, I've looked into getting the Kraken plans printed out in a large format. The cost is prohibitively expensive in most cases, and just expensive in one... A few of the quotes from printers near me were in the $200 range. One was $35, which I still consider too expensive... So, how do you...