How to enlarge and print 3 view scale plans for model aircraft.


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Using Microsoft Office Publisher and any printer I demonstrate how you can scale up a 3 view drawing to any size you desire to build off. Ideal for the scratch semi or scale builder of RC model aircraft.

Goto to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a 1916 De Havilland DH-2.

Goto to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a Handley Page Heyford .

Goto to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a Spitfire
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I do a lot of this by hand, see this chart I recently added prop limits to.

WRX w prop limits.jpg

You may really like this, it is very useful to know how to do the math for these things and you can find the ruler and grid view functions in a lot of drawing programs or just simply using the copy machine, you make the test print once, comes out wrong, the next one you can get exactly right with WRX.

This is just my favorite kind of stuff, working the numbers, scaling it, looking at it to see if it looks right when done.

When you make your pic a layer, you can move it around to measure it against the scale if need be.

Another favorite technique is in paint shop to take a picture of a component, make it a layer instead of a background, erase away the background ( do this on a raw or large pic, so you can scale down a copy for a drawing you will use it in ), now you can regard this as a piece that you use to test a fit in another picture, like if you are having trouble or wondering how to get servo and radio components in a tough fit or how the engine, scaled, looks on your model, or how a different size of wing or tail or wheels look, etc.

This technique came in handy when working on the Arado 555 ver 1 flying wing, I wanted to see how the components would best fit in this 52 inch one piece 40 size custom aircraft I built, I made layer pieces of the engine top view with prop, erased away the background and saved as a piece to put on the plane ( glo 2stroke pusher ) to see how it would fit, prop clearance at sides, gas tank placement, servo placements inside the wing and the radio. A pic of each piece is saved by itself and just think of it as a piece, then.
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Might want to put a link to your DH2 proj and video, it's great!

Thank you for sharing your video and process on build of the DH2. Been wanting to build the DH2.

These pushers are really interesting, DH2, Curtiss biplanes ( The Great Race ), Saab J21, German "Duck" WW2, Jap Shinden.....always liked pushers.

Your in-cockpit view of the switches and controls on the other plane video is very interesting too.


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Another site for 3views

I liked your thread and that DH2 and I build fm drwgs, pics, etc
found this on wikimedia, .svg format files on this page and you can search for them and find lots of them.
The lines that form the images are a layer on a transparent background, nice clean put them on a white background and merge to print. Maybe they won't have the distortions and stuff that jpg files's kind of like jpg files are the the mp3 of low quality compared to wav and flac in sound and tiff and png in images, I still have to find out what is cleaner and better for pictures.

Here is the site link with 3views:

Where to buy Uhu Por link and Lite Ply too

Uhu Por glue ( it is foam safe too ), Amazon link here, been looking for that stuff.
CraftyDan said it makes the best glue hinge for your foam models if you have an hour to spare.
Is this the best stuff to stick magnets to your plane?
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