1. DiveBombRC

    Cinematography-FeedBack wanted!

    Im doing professional cinematography and would love sugestions/comments on my work to improve faster. check out my latest video. any comments/likes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :D
  2. Raptortech

    Custom GIANT multirotor - 25lbs payload, 20 minutes flight

    Hope my title caught your attention! :D It is true: I am building an aerial photography craft of epic proportions. Right now, I have a setup in mind, but before I go an throw down $7000, I thought I'd chat with everyone first. So my plan (as of 6/29/15) is to build a custom X8 frame. Motors...
  3. C

    Tips for running a UAV business

    Because I'm aspiring to be a professional UAV builder and operator, I'm starting this thread to collect tips on running a UAV business. You can just give the most important business lessons you've learned, or I have some questions to get the ball rolling. Full disclosure, I'm writing a business...