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  1. A

    My Mini Drone! Which ...can be programmed?

    Happy day!!!! Cause I've got a present from my friend. A mini drone that my friend says can be programmed. As I almost know nothing about programming, so basically for now I l fly it as my toy pet and get me familiar with controlling a drone!!;)
  2. G

    Multi Wii flashing

    I built a Spider quad Electrohub which has the http://www.readytoflyquads.com/flite-test-electrohub-electronic-kit I ordered it with MWC "Spider" How do I go about changing this to "Quad X"? (I know that I need to change the boom config on the quad itself, but i'm not sure how to re-program) Thanks,
  3. K

    Programming a mini quadcopter receiver board

    I got this mini quadcopter which flies. But, I thought, I would program it to take some autonomous decision. Since, it has both gyro and 3 axis accelerometer built-in, it should be capable of auto correct few flight problems. It has an Atmega328p chip. Means there is possibility that I can...
  4. S

    electrohub, flip 1.5 programing with a mac help

    Hi guys, just bought my first quadcopter, its an electrohub kit, and im in the process of ordering the rtfq electronics, pimped out 1.5 flip, f-30A speed controllers, 4 pack t2212-980kv motors, propellers, harness, receiver cable etc. Should i get a normal lemon receiver? side pin or end pin...
  5. sdabiker

    How to program an ESC - Brakes

    I have noticed that each time the "guys" fly without landing gear they never break a prop. How do they do it? Do they have a programmed ESC with a brake or just something that keeps the prop stopped in the same position. I would like to learn. Anyone that can help would be appreciated.