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Multi Wii flashing


Hostage Taker of Quads

"Spider" should be a "Quad-X" already, but if you want to change the config just to be sure, you'll have to rebuild and upload (flash) a new Mulitwii ROM to your flip board. Sounds horrible, but it's not that hard:

  • In the Arduino IDE, open the multiwii sketch for your board ( for the flip 1.5, it's on the dropbox link at the bottom of this page)
  • Open/navigate to the config.h file
  • Make sure "QUADX" is the only item uncommented in "The type of multicopter" section (anything after a "//" on a line is a "comment" and gets ignored by the compiler. Most everything else get's compiled)
  • Connect the flip board, and click the "upload" button -- the sketch will automatically compile and upload to the flip board.

If you have any other issues or errors, post 'em here and we'll help you sort them out.