electrohub, flip 1.5 programing with a mac help


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Hi guys, just bought my first quadcopter, its an electrohub kit, and im in the process of ordering the rtfq electronics, pimped out 1.5 flip, f-30A speed controllers, 4 pack t2212-980kv motors, propellers, harness, receiver cable etc.

Should i get a normal lemon receiver? side pin or end pin? or since i fly a spectrum dx8 should i get a spektrum receiver, if that is the case wich one?

in ordering the flip 1.5, with the protective case, what pins should i ask to have installed?

is the 3dr radio telemetry kit worth it?, is it compatible with my radio?

How can i program or customize my flip 1.5 with my mac computer?

whats the biggest battery i should fly for long flight time?

Any other advise you can give me?


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Unless you plan to fly with GPS, I wouldn't bother with adding the barometer and compass -- I've heard GPS with MultiWii isn't the best experience. You may want to look at the Flip 2.0 or Flip 2.5 instead if you really do plan on going with a barometer and compass.

Heck, for $1 more, you can go with the Flip32 which is more like a Naze32 -- but the configuration may be a bit more complicated and definitely requires using a computer. With the Flip1.5/2.0 you can probably get away with not plugging it into a computer, but it would be best to do so.

The lemonRX will bind do your DX8 fine. Which receiver is determined by how many channels you'll want. You'll probably want a minimum of 6 if you want to be able to select different flight modes.

I thought his case for the Flip1.5 only supports right angle pins, but I may be wrong. I use right angle pins on my electrohub build because I just tape the F/C to the top.

I think the 3DR telemetry radio is probably overkill for the Flip/MultiWii -- it's way too much range/power/weight -- unless you were looking for GPS assisted flight, which again isn't the best with MultiWii. A lot of people seem to prefer the bluetooth module for tuning from mobile devices (android).

MultiWiiConf is multiplatform (Java based) so you can run it on the Mac... Naze32/Flip32 runs with baseflight or cleanflight which uses a chrome app configuration tool.

That's about all I'm familiar with... not sure about batteries so much other than the recommendations from experts is that if you're just learning to fly a multirotor, keep it lighter so that when the inevitable crash occurs, you don't have a large mass of inertia to contend with.


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Welcome to the forums sanguizola! I have recently acquired a Flip 1.5 myself, but I have used the Multiwii Pro with GPS in the past. If your are buying the flip with a case you must use right angle pins. Telemetry is an option, but really only worth it when you are using GPS and connects to your computer, not your radio. This means you will have to bring a computer to the field with you. As makattack said, go with bluetooth (much cheaper). You may need to solder some pins in for that though, I'm not sure RTFQ does that for you.