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    receiver mode in beta flight won't work

    OK to start off with, im a new drone builder and got a x:bolt 250 for Christmas and decided to put it together. I was very meticulous in the soldering and putting it together to make sure everything was done correctly, so finally, i was able to begin programing the flight controller! i plugged...
  2. P

    Spektrum Dxe Programming Connection Problems

    I have the spektrum dxe transmitter and I am attempting to program via SamsungGalaxy S7(android app). I have the cable for the audio port but I am not able connect/transfer the settings from the transmitter to the phone to get started. Has anyone had an luck with the android app and dxe...
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    Quad setup question.

    Hi I have seen somewhere that you can program your quad to have about 10% throttle at the low stick position so that you can still have control. I have looked everywhere I could think of and cant find anything on this. Is there anyone that know how to do this or where I might be able to find...
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    Programing ESC's?

    Hey guys, What would be the best way of programing Esc's (I already have a programing card but I want to go beyond programing it by a card) Something that plugs into a computer and you can change all the setting through a program so I can get better throttle response.... And how (Making a Tricopter)