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    Outputting telemetry from the Radiomaster TX16S remote to the console.

    Good day. Has anyone tried to output telemetry from the Radiomaster TX16S remote to the computer console through software development? I've developed this code, but it hardly reads anything. The remote is equipped with a TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2. Maybe someone has tried to develop this...
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    receiver mode in beta flight won't work

    OK to start off with, im a new drone builder and got a x:bolt 250 for Christmas and decided to put it together. I was very meticulous in the soldering and putting it together to make sure everything was done correctly, so finally, i was able to begin programing the flight controller! i plugged...
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    Spektrum Dxe Programming Connection Problems

    I have the spektrum dxe transmitter and I am attempting to program via SamsungGalaxy S7(android app). I have the cable for the audio port but I am not able connect/transfer the settings from the transmitter to the phone to get started. Has anyone had an luck with the android app and dxe...
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    Quad setup question.

    Hi I have seen somewhere that you can program your quad to have about 10% throttle at the low stick position so that you can still have control. I have looked everywhere I could think of and cant find anything on this. Is there anyone that know how to do this or where I might be able to find...
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    Programing ESC's?

    Hey guys, What would be the best way of programing Esc's (I already have a programing card but I want to go beyond programing it by a card) Something that plugs into a computer and you can change all the setting through a program so I can get better throttle response.... And how (Making a Tricopter)