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Quad setup question.

Hi I have seen somewhere that you can program your quad to have about 10% throttle at the low stick position so that you can still have control. I have looked everywhere I could think of and cant find anything on this. Is there anyone that know how to do this or where I might be able to find info on it. Thanks for the help


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Matt, that will depend on your flight controller and the ROM it's running.

If you're running one of the many Naze variants (cleanflight, baseflight, betaflight . . .) The capability you're referring to is called "AIR_MODE", and is available in the latest versions of Cleanflight and Betaflight, so you might need to reflash your board to turn on the functionality. It's enabled in the same manner as the stabilization modes (like Angle or Horizon).

Dunno if other Flight controllers have this -- strongly damping the PID loops at low throttle is common, since even a gentle impact from landing can cause a tightly tuned quad to briefly go crazy. Suffice it to say, this is called "Air Mode", not "Land Mode" -- be sure to turn it off before trying to come in for a touchdown.

BTW, I'm moving this thread over to the multirotor beginners section -- it'll get more exposure (and perhaps better answers) over there. The section you've posted in is intended more as a "Say Hi" section, so you might not get your questions answered if you post them in there.