prop size

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    Not sure prop size with 1800kv

    What prop with 1800kv motor
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    Help! Prop Sizing Questions (PLEASE HELP!!)

    For my university project I am calculating the performance of a UAV however I am struggling to calculate the dynamic and static thrust produced by a prop. Which leads me to a couple of questions... 1) When calculating the thrust of a motor with a prop, how do I determine the RPM of the motor...
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    Help! Quad Copter motor and prop

    So, I'm building my own drone and I'm thinking of using a 4S battery on a 1.5 pound or 700 grams drone. I was going to use a 3S, but it's very hard to find testing on the motors that I am trying to get. So around what kV motor should I be looking for? I've been looking at the Mini Quad Test...
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    Neo 400 1120kv on a Flinch 37" flying wing

    im new to posting and forums so bear with me. I had and old 3d balsa airplane that had a NEOdym 400 1120kv motor on it with a 25amp eflite esc. i turned a 10x7 apc prop with it. it ran off a electoflight 3s 20c 1200 mah battery. it still runs well on the bench. i was wondering if i could goto a...
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    Prop size vs KV value

    Another noob question. Is there a link to a chart that gives a guide to prop size to KV value of the motor? I've picked up 4 x 600kv motors for my scratch build and I get that low kv = large prop/ more torque but I can't see what size props to use. Thanks. :)