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Neo 400 1120kv on a Flinch 37" flying wing

im new to posting and forums so bear with me. I had and old 3d balsa airplane that had a NEOdym 400 1120kv motor on it with a 25amp eflite esc. i turned a 10x7 apc prop with it. it ran off a electoflight 3s 20c 1200 mah battery. it still runs well on the bench. i was wondering if i could goto a smaller prop (say a 9x?) and install it on my Flinch V2 without an esc change and would it be a good motor for this bird? its a 28x31mm 20-25 amp motor. im not looking for lightning speed but enough power to get me out of any sticky situation with some decent pep behind it. Can anyone suggest if this combo will work or will i need to get a bigger esc? or am i stuck with the 10 inch prop? the battery i can put with it is a pulse 3s 35c 2250 battery but the battery isnt really a big concern.
Smaller props with the same or less pitch should be fine. If you look at recommended props for a particular motor there will usually be a larger prop with smaller pitch and a smaller prop with higher pitch. You can always check the current with a meter or check with a thrust calculator. If you put in the prop you want to use and select the rpm that corresponds with the voltage of the battery then the power reading you get should be safe. The prop will always spin slower then kv*voltage. Device by efficiency if you want to be super safe.