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  1. Prototype.jpg


  2. JGplanes

    Ready for combat and loaded for bear

    After watching the FT Battleship episode with the warbirds dropping bombs, I decided there wasn't enough good (somewhat realistic) bomb drops. I began designing these, and I'm pretty close to the final product. It prints in three pieces, snaps together, and uses one 9g servo. It also has built...
  3. C

    FT Versa DLG Prototype.

    So, I will start out with an apology. Mainly because I am new at this whole forum thing, but also, because I rushed this build. And, well, it shows. However, I believe I had some small success. I have been flying RC for about 3 years, but have always gotten my planes 2nd hand, and have only had...
  4. E


    This is a V Tail PROTOTYPE (more to come), that would made because of the V Tail Bat-bone and my green envy, with a bit of walking aimlessly through Home Depot this V Tail PROTOTYPE was made. I was really surprised that it flew so well on the first try. Production will be better on the next one...