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    Test fit wing 1
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    New wing 1
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    New build
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    New build 1
  9. leaded50

    Plane Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) by leaded50 v1

    Secret Flying Boat proposal for the Navy of Japan . highly secret design, where very few details is known. Only one prototype was made. The build is made out from whats known, and some designdetails known was used at similar planes in Japan of that time. It have a pretty wide wingspan vs...
  10. S

    Feedback Request! Failed Test flight.

    Hello! I have a team at school that competes in an aero design competition every year. This year our aircraft had some trouble as once it was off the ground it yawed hard and crashed. I would love any feedback as to why the plane reacted as it did. If you have any questions please let me know...
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  12. JGplanes

    Ready for combat and loaded for bear

    After watching the FT Battleship episode with the warbirds dropping bombs, I decided there wasn't enough good (somewhat realistic) bomb drops. I began designing these, and I'm pretty close to the final product. It prints in three pieces, snaps together, and uses one 9g servo. It also has built...
  13. M

    Would you be interested in participating in an 'Open prototype' project

    void void:black_eyed:
  14. C

    FT Versa DLG Prototype.

    So, I will start out with an apology. Mainly because I am new at this whole forum thing, but also, because I rushed this build. And, well, it shows. However, I believe I had some small success. I have been flying RC for about 3 years, but have always gotten my planes 2nd hand, and have only had...
  15. E


    This is a V Tail PROTOTYPE (more to come), that would made because of the V Tail Bat-bone and my green envy, with a bit of walking aimlessly through Home Depot this V Tail PROTOTYPE was made. I was really surprised that it flew so well on the first try. Production will be better on the next one...