Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) by leaded50

Plane Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) by leaded50 v1

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
Secret Flying Boat proposal for the Navy of Japan .
highly secret design, where very few details is known. Only one prototype was made.

The build is made out from whats known, and some designdetails known was used at similar planes in Japan of that time. It have a pretty wide wingspan vs. length, who gives gliding preferences in air.
Gullwing was more unusual though, and make this model harder to build. Its not a recommended build for a new builder, not well known by the «master series» build style.
Some minor individual adjustments on parts could be possible needed.
Eg. where motormounts is placed in nacelles, lower edge on fuselage skins against bottom shape, hatch/canopy opening..
(build thread: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.p...okosuka-12-shi-special-flying-boat-h7y.66994/

Wingspan: 1250mm
Length : 770mm
Weight (wo battery) : approx 650g

Motors: 2 x 2208 1400kv , ESC: 30A (i used ZTW products) differential thrust setup
Recommended servos:
ailerons: 2X 9g,
elevator. 1X 9g metal gear.
(optional rudder: 1X 9g)
** or can be setup with rudder/elevator only**

Model have a wide wing, securing good gliding characteristics.
Difficult in build 1 - 10: 8
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