1. Lvet

    Cannot get the motor to spin

    Hello, I am using a guide to 3D print a Quadcopter. Everything is going ok and I've built the frame, connected motor and transmitter to the flight tower. (HGLRC XJB F413 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller) Nevertheless, even...
  2. Stefs Engineering

    Prusa I3 MK3 Full Assembly video's with manual timestamps

    Hey guy's! A couple of weeks ago I recieved my MK3 that I ordered in January. I filmed the complete assembly of the MK3 because I thought you guys (especially those that consider buying it, have yet to recieve theirs or are about to start the build) would like it and perhapse benefit from it...
  3. Snarls

    Shopping For a 3D Printer - Advice and Opinions Needed

    Hey everyone, I am looking for opinions and advice on 3D printers. I am hoping to finally get my own 3D printer early this winter. Problem is, I know barely anything about 3D printers. I know the general concept of how they work, but I have no idea what makes one printer better than another. So...