Cannot get the motor to spin


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I am using a guide to 3D print a Quadcopter.
Everything is going ok and I've built the frame, connected motor and transmitter to the flight tower. (HGLRC XJB F413 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller)

Nevertheless, even thought I can connect the transmitter to the quad (I can see the switches and the inputs moving in the receiver section of Betaflight), I cannot find a way to arm and have the motors spinning.

I followed the checklist at
But cannot find a way to remove the red "ARM (disabled)" box

I am running out of Ideas


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If you are trying to arm while connected to Betaflight, you have to go into the motors tab and check the "I have removed props" box before it will work.



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Hi ElectriSean,
Thanks for your answer.
I tried this and I can control the bars in the motor tabs with the transmitter (see screenshots).
I suspect it might be a problem related to the firmware or the hardware.

I refreshed the firmware of the flight controller (it's an HGLRC XJB F413) with the firmware HGLRFC411from the BetaFlight in the Firmware flasher tab.
Is it the right firmware? Where can I download the different firmwares for HGLRC products?
Thanks again


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If you didn’t read the target correctly from the board before you flashed it then you have probably flashed the wrong one. Always back up the initial set up using “diff all” in the CLI and read the target off the top of that. Bardwell also has a great set up video for Betaflight that will show you how to do that.
You will have to find the correct target and reflash the board to fix it.


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How did you manage to solve your problem with the red ARM icon?
I have the same problem.

There are certain conditions that have to be met before your quad can arm. If you look at the setup tab of betaflight on the right side of the screen there will be a list of things, including arm prevention codes. e.g.(17, 12). You research what those mean and fix your quad accordingly.

Good luck!