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pt-17 stearman

  1. Jonny Gum

    Foam Board Master Series PT-17 Stearman- FREE PLANS!

    (GO TO PAGE 11 FOR PLANS AND BUILD VIDEO) So I have always been around the real Stearman because my grandfather restores and flies them. I decided to make the Stearman because I had a balsa wood kit lying around for a rubber band powered model. I took the plans to Staples and got them scaled...
  2. 20180415_112508-1280x720.jpg


  3. Aviator08

    Coming in at 198.6 grams........

    MM size PT-17 Stearman biplane Maiden flight of the Plans built MM PT-17 Stearman 24" wingspan F power pack Prototype ready for second flight Prototype ( on right ) and plans built together Prototype and the FT Corsair MM Stearman Plans Full Size :