My Take on Jonny Gum's Foam Board PT-17

Finally got around to filming some flight footage of my build. Jonny Gum designed a nice PT-17 four years ago. Have had mine for about a year now and am constantly making mods to it. I have used a lot of 3D printed parts to include a 7 cylinder dummy radial motor made from more than 50 parts.
The original thread and plans can be found here:
There are several nice builds of his plans in the thread.
The plane is a little squirrely on the ground since it is short but it is slow and scale in the air. I added some wingtip skids and low bounce tires which really help. A 3 cell 2200 battery gives me about 6 minutes of gentle flying. Covered with packing tape as in Experimental Airline's technique. The 3D printed gear are kind of blocky looking but are very robust. Here is the flight video (filmed over 2 visits):


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