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  1. D

    Big Problem need help

    hey guys, im a rookie when it comes to drones. So when messing around with bheli I flashed my lumineer Simon 12a esc for my qav 210 with firmware from an Afro 12a. I figured it would work because of the Simon between them but now my esc when I turn them on only beep and do not spin up the...
  2. M

    Lumenier qav210 or RcExplorer Mini Tricopter build?

    Im looking to upgrade from my 3s RoboCat 270 build, but I'm not sure on what frame to get. I'm planning to get new motors and escs too. Can someone list the pros and cons of each? Which frame is better for what? Has anyone used any of the frames? Especially the mini tricopter, is it any good...
  3. R

    QAV 210 Issue

    Hey guys, I recently built my second quad, a QAV 210. I've been trying to tune it and it flies really well actually until I roll or flip it. As soon as I try to do one or the other, it just drops out of the sky. Just wondering if anyone may have any suggestions to fix this problem? I'm using...