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QAV 210 Issue

Hey guys,

I recently built my second quad, a QAV 210. I've been trying to tune it and it flies really well actually until I roll or flip it. As soon as I try to do one or the other, it just drops out of the sky. Just wondering if anyone may have any suggestions to fix this problem? I'm using the naze32 rev6 on cleanflight.



Gravity Tester
What exactly is the behavior when it drops out of the sky? Are you cutting throttle mid flip to save altitude? Check your wiring to make sure nothing is loose that will lose power when inverted.
It makes it part way through the roll and then it is unresponsive and just falls. The video is clear the whole time so I just have to watch it plummet to the ground. I haven't been cutting the throttle when I flip it. I also checked the wiring too and it seems good. Everything that could cause a problem is covered in heat shrink.
I'm using a lemon rx satellite receiver connected directly to the naze board. I don't think it's losing signal because I tried rolling it about 30 ft from me and it still crashed. I can also fly pretty far away without any issues as long as I don't go inverted. Is there anything in clean flight that could be causing this? Maybe I need to change some settings?


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This is a strange issue. What happens if you have it powered on and flip it over by hand (props off of course). Try it with motors off and on. Also what if its a slow flip vs fast flip.
Hmmm. I'll have to try that. I did try a slow flip though and it worked. I figured out that as long as I do not go full roll input either direction, it is OK.
Update: I was reading on the forums that it could be and esc de-syncing issue so dropped the P setting a small amount and tested it a little bit. I think it may have worked, but the weather wont allow me to give it a real test. Darn wind and rain...


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It could possibly be a failing Gyro. Joshua Bardwell recently did a couple of videos on this. Here is a link to one of them. If its not an ESC or motor issue, it could very well be a gyro issue. Just an idea though.


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ok so I've had this happen to me before. It may not be your issue, but I placed my battery strap on top of the servo wire connecting my fc to my receiver (using ppm so only on wire) on accident and the battery jarred the servo wire loose from the naze32 pin while doing a fast front flip. May want to check to see if something similar is happening.