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  1. M

    Torn between Lumenier QAV250 and QAV400, Can someone help?

    In the next month, I will be setting up a FPV and Camera rig. I had originally thought of building around the QAV250, but it isn't too much more to step up to the QAV400 and money isn't the real issue. My primary intent is just to have a FPV rig to fly with. I'm not a hardcore racer or stunt...
  2. S

    QAV400 ARF, Transmitter, LiPo

    Hey Everyone, Have a partially assembled Luminier QAV400 that I need to sell, along with my Spectrum Transmitter. Everything is new and in perfect condition, I bought the Build it Yourself kit from getfpv.com and due to other obligations have never been able to finish it. This quad has amazing...
  3. I

    Good 400 to 500 size quadcopters?

    I am looking into buying a 400 or 500 size quadcopter to be used for some sport flying, as well as some aerial photography. So far I have looked at the Xugong Pro, QAV400, as well as the Cinetank Mk2. Is there any other good frames in this size bracket (400 to 500)? I would like to have the...
  4. jamiedco

    DCQ3 Build Logs

    Hello guys . i have finaly completed the build log of my DCQ3 quad copter and i will be posting it here . I will be offering the plans via pm or the frame plates also via pm the only request i have is that if i share the plans with you that you post pics on this thread and if you do a build...
  5. MidwestRob

    QAV400 Quadcopter Videos

    I recently finished my latest FPV multirotor build using the QAV400 quadcopter frame. It does an excellent job isolating the vibrations from the video. I'm also using an OpenPilot CC3D flight controller for the first time and so far I'm very impressed with how it handles. The QAV400 and CC3D...