1. N

    Goodbye Hex - Hello QAV500 and something else.

    Nothing bad happened to the Hex, I just took it apart. Let's start off with something pleasant: When I grow up, can I have big props like you? So I had a relatively large hex, a Tarot 680 with 850 KV motors and 13 inch props but all I used it for was to lift a Gopro and small Gimbal. Hexes...
  2. D

    FPV Quadcopter Demo Reel

    Piloting my QAV around NJ in numerous locations.
  3. D

    Promotional Aerial Video for Car Dealership

    Hope this doesn't draw up any issues in regards to safety, there was much planning and safety precautions taken prior to filming, also insurance. This was early in the morning before customers started arriving. This was one of my early videos prior to purchasing a gimbal. :D
  4. D

    Another Pool Company Installation Video utilizing my QAV500

  5. D

    Utilizing my QAV500 for Aerial Videos of High-End Swimming Pool Installations

    normal ground photography is great though can be limiting in many aspects especially when it comes to conveying the true size of a piece of property or a landscape. I utilized my custom built QAV500 to create some very nice videos of a clients pool installs. Please let me know what you guys...
  6. D

    Through the Woods & Over Water Falls with the QAV500.

    this is my first post to this forum, hope you guys like the video. Learned so much about multirotors from the guys at flight test, many thanks.
  7. jamiedco

    DCQ3 Build Logs

    Hello guys . i have finaly completed the build log of my DCQ3 quad copter and i will be posting it here . I will be offering the plans via pm or the frame plates also via pm the only request i have is that if i share the plans with you that you post pics on this thread and if you do a build...
  8. jamiedco

    Qav500 Type Quad copter

    Hello all im starting to build my new quad copter . the design is based on the qav500 . i want to use it for fpv and ariel footage . if requested i can share the plans . in dxf or sw or pdf . im using hobbykings dst1200 motors . woth ss 15/18 esc's that will be eflashed with simon k . the frame...
  9. kevinv033

    My QAV500

    My first build log ever. Whoop! Hopefully, this is helpful to some folks. Close up of the power distribution pads I installed my motors first since I have long motor leads. I then soldered the motors directly to the ESC. I am using Hobby King F-30A flashed with wii-esc. The motor...