My QAV500


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My first build log ever. Whoop! Hopefully, this is helpful to some folks.


Close up of the power distribution pads


I installed my motors first since I have long motor leads. I then soldered the motors directly to the ESC.


I am using Hobby King F-30A flashed with wii-esc.


The motor mounts accept 16mmx19mm and 25mmx19mm mounting patterns for motors. There are also mounting holes for NX-4008 motors. I am running Avroto 2814-11 (770kv)


This is the center of the PDB plate. It has pads for the 4 ESCs. On either side, there is are pads for battery leads. You could easily add pigtails to both sides and run two packs in parallel.


Prior to installing the lower frame spacers, I added a dab of loctite blue to all metal-metal screws.


Install all short (10mm?) spacers.


I've shortened up the battery wires so the ESCs fit neatly between the two plates. There isn't much room down there. My F30A just made it. I am sure smaller ESC will be fine. I am not worried too much about cooling. The ESCs haven't been more than slightly warm to the touch. I'm pulling ~14A in general flight.


Soldered in XT60 pigtail and installed G10 plate. Next up is mounting the arms.


Bottom frame complete.


Next up are the CF landing gear legs. These work by compression. I started the set screws in with a drop of loctite blue.


Then slide clamp on to the arm and insert CF leg until it is flush with the top of the clamp. Tighten the set screws.


Here's the leg installed.


Next up is installing the bobbins that separate the two frames.

***Important tip!***
Before you install the bobbins, break in the nylock nut a bit to make it easier to screw on. The alternative is to use non-nylon locking M3 nuts.
Several early users have broken the bobbins on install. They can be repaired with DAP silicone adhesive, but better safe than sorry. The bobbins will be available for sale at some point, so it's good to have a handful of spares in your flight box.


I install the bobbins to the top frame first with the nylon locking nuts. Then I used normal nuts on the bottom. I just make sure to always check them on preflight.


Here I've installed my FC of choice.


Some finishing touches to wiring. I just added a bit of servo braid to make it look it little cleaner.

Some final pics before the maiden.



Installed Components:

OpenPilot CopterControl
Avroto 2814-11 770kv motors
HK F30A ESC with wii-esc
APC 10x4.7 (now Graupner 10x5)

FPV Gear:

RMRC 300mW 1.3GHz Vtx
RMRC 600XV camera
DIY Cloverleaf
GoPro Hero 2
fpvmanuals LayerLens


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Thanks, Steve. It was tidy under I added FPV gear. The EzOSD is cluttering things up a bit. Nothing a little wire cleanup won't fix, but right now it's ugly ;)

Brian fred carr

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+1 for the frame ...that is a good looking piece of kit and some nice work on the pictures
Thanks for sharing I am about to build my first quad and i am like a kid waiting for christmas with the postman being my santa clause
every video I watch on a build I pick up another piece of info I especially like your servo braiding it really tidies things up


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Brian, I'm glad some of this info is helpful. The servo braiding comes from my heli days :) it was a way to protect the servo wire against the sharp edges of the frames. Plus I makes it look clean. Good luck on your first quad! I've lost count on how many quads I've built...welcome to the multirotor addiction.


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Yeah, it was really windy, but I couldn't resist. 20-25mph gusts wanting to toss my quad over. LOL!!