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Qav500 Type Quad copter


Prop Killer
Hello all
im starting to build my new quad copter . the design is based on the qav500 . i want to use it for fpv and ariel footage . if requested i can share the plans . in dxf or sw or pdf . im using hobbykings dst1200 motors . woth ss 15/18 esc's that will be eflashed with simon k . the frame iss going to be cut from single sided pcb . i am also planning to use the copper to run the power to the esc's and the bec . i will be posting a build log . Untitled.png Untitled2.png Untitled3.png
I flew last night . and jusst after take off the radio glitched . this caused a throttle cut and my baby plumited to the ground destroying my gopro. the gopro was 19 days old
the top button was forced in by the housing button . and it is not powering on anymore . im going to take a look at it tonight .
and the lenses are scratched . im lucky that a car did not ride over it coz i landed in the road .
oh well the air frame is good . the motor shaft are slighty bent . it flys still . the gopro is a write off and the kk2 screen is broken . the kk2 works but the screen is blank .