1. D

    Solved FPV drone shut off mid flight

    Hello I have a problem with my new FPV drone. I am quite new to this hobby and haven't had the chance to fly mutch. The issue i have with the drone is that under flight, seemingly at random moments. Its like the drone "dissarm" itsself mid air without me flicking the lever. This diden't start at...
  2. S


    Meant to get this stuff sold a while back and life got in the way of even that. Complete package ready to get the new FliteTester off the ground. All you need is Foamboard, hotglue and tape to get in the air. - Spektrum DX8 - Original Lanyard, Charger, Bind plug Ect. - LemonRX 6ch DSMN...
  3. Lvet

    Cannot get the motor to spin

    Hello, I am using a guide to 3D print a Quadcopter. https://blog.prusaprinters.org/how-to-build-a-3d-printed-micro-drone/ Everything is going ok and I've built the frame, connected motor and transmitter to the flight tower. (HGLRC XJB F413 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller) Nevertheless, even...
  4. B


    Hi, I am making my first quadcopter and I am having trouble arming it. I am using a KK2 board and a 9XR radio. The KK manual says to put 0 throttle than hold the right rudder but that doesn't seem to work. Could you guys help me how to arm the quadcopter.