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I am making my first quadcopter and I am having trouble arming it. I am using a KK2 board and a 9XR radio. The KK manual says to put 0 throttle than hold the right rudder but that doesn't seem to work. Could you guys help me how to arm the quadcopter.


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Also, make sure you have calibrated your ESCs (throttle all the way up, connect the power, hold outer buttons down, drop throttle to zero) and completed the ACC calibration through the KK2 board menus. I'm betting you missed one of those two.


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Also if you have set your minimum throttle setting set too high talked about here can make your transmitter not be able to arm and/or disarm. Usually though, it has to be set like 40 or more to be an issue.


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Move your stick to the lower left and see if it arms. If so then your rudder channel needs to be reversed.