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quad rotor

  1. A

    Help! Flight controller and GPS

    Hello, I am building a quadcopter drone that will at max go around 1.5 miles away from a target. I am planning to use an Omnibus f4 pro and Beitian BN-880 GPS. I am barely starting out so any help would be awesome. I am planning to have an autonomous Waypoint feature to the target. I was...
  2. Andrea

    3D Printed Quadcopter V 1.0

    Hi, I'm printing my first quadcopter, I drawn all the stuff and now is under printing process, I choose orange for my first try: This is the render that i've made: I 'll keep this post updated as soon i finish to print some parts. I'm now looking for the Esc because there is not so much room...
  3. xApollo

    First time poster, long time watcher.

    Hey everyone! I am finally registered to the forums! I have been watching FT for about a year and recently went to my first FliteFest with my wife and two year old son. He absolutely loved it! (so did my wife and I!) I have been interested in RC for a long time but I just never had the room...
  4. SkySlayer

    QR Ladybird videos and Q's.

    Hi guys, this is my first multi-rotor that I ordered from HK and wow it is a ball. I have had it for about 4weeks and crashed it too many times, i have flown it 40+ times and many of those flights I have attached my trusty Key-Chain Cam, also from HK, so I can get some great footage. I will post...