1. H


    I want to drip a quadrocopter for work. What would be a good quality and could stay longer in work. I found a couple of options, [Mod: Removed link to "Best Advisor" website, because it looked too much like spam]/quadcopters but I don’t know what it’s better to pay attention to.
  2. G

    Redcon FT4x satellite receiver

    I own a DX8 for my blade helicopters. My primary transmitter is a Futaba 14sg. I have telemetry devices for it. My question is, any using the Redcon FT14X satellite receiver for Futaba transmitters? I would like to keep using my Futaba transmitter as I enter quadcopters.
  3. S

    3D Quad Flight

    With all the weird types of planes, copters, or other flying contraptions, I'm surprised they haven't tried a 3D Quad like the Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad. I have been looking into trying a 3D Quad and without many videos or reviews of an 3D Quads out there it's pretty rough. Also watching them try...
  4. A

    Racing quad FPV chase with my brother!

    A short video of recent clips of me and my brother (who has just started the hobby and is already hooked!) flying are mini quads together at a local field. My brother has just started flying fpv and was flying his Emax nighthawk 200 and i was chasing him with my diatone 250. We didn't do...
  5. D

    Can I fly with upside down motors?

    Hello, I am thinking about trying to make a 3D printed quadcopter frame thats small and thought, why don't I make the motors mount upsidedown but with the props rightside up? I looked around a bit on google but I'm not sure if others were saying what I was thinking. So what would propblems be...
  6. Papillion

    NOOB in New Jersey

    Hi, My name is Mike. I live in northern New Jersey. I am just getting into Quadcopters. I have been doing some research (watching You Tube videos, reading lots of posts, etc.....) and bought an Estes Proto Z to learn on. So far, it has been a lot of fun hovering around in my family room...
  7. T

    International Drone Day Video from San Diego

    Here is a Video I shot on Saturday at the International Drone Day Event here in San Diego,CA the Event was Hosted by the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Club And Featured Many local Mfr and sponsors there was a turnout of about 350 people and with the help of many of the Sponsors almost...
  8. G

    Proto-X FPV flight time?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into getting into FPV and I was wondering if anyone knew what the flight time on the Proto-X FPV is? Thanks!
  9. N

    Flite Test Electrohub build problem - please help!

    Hi, I am very new to R/C plane/multi-rotors. I am building my first quad with the Electrohub kit from the Flitetest store. I also got the electronic package from ReadyToFlyQuad.com as recommended in the build video from Josh and Alex. Here is the link to the eletrohub kit and here is the link to...
  10. W

    Great Show Ideas

    Hey Flite Test Crew, I am a new RC hobbyist and fan of your videos. I have some ideas for videos I would like to see. This Christmas, I am asking for a quad and am looking at the Blade 180 QX RTF. When looking for an RC product, I always look to Flite Test, but you haven't reviewd the copter...
  11. S

    What is the range of quadcoptors

    I am new to flight tests. I am exploring to build a quadcopter for testing. what is the maximum range that can be achieved by these multirotors. what should be the configuration of the quadcopter to carry a payload 1 Kilogram( 2.2 lbs. ) to achieve maximum range.