race quad

  1. BlueK

    Spent two weeks on improving my Video edit skills and made a little Race Drone Edit

    The last three weeks the weather here was really bad, so sadly no flying so I used the grounded time to watch over 100hours of video edit tutorials and put together this little clip it is a cinematic edit (only 24fps) cinema bars and so on, in a Race drone Edit out of my footage from the last...
  2. tinstructor

    Hi everyone I'm tinstructor!

    Hi everyone I'm kind of a digital electronics nerd, I study EE and I felt like it was time to build my first race quad! I'm currently writing a bachelors thesis on a way to measure the efficiency of RC propulsion systems while spending the least amount of money possible (engineering trade-offs...
  3. C

    Cool fpv video

    First forum post on here. Hope you guys like my flying. enjoy my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21t8dIIPT-o
  4. D

    Micro racing quad

    I have seen a growing interest in the 120 size quad frames using brush less motors, but I have also noticed that there are not many reputable sources for the products. When will flitetest get involved with micro racing quad distribution/informational videos? I would love to have a store like...
  5. A

    spektruim issues

    I have a dx6i transmitting to a 25 race quad with a cc3d and a spektrum AR610. the cc3d powers on but the receiver never powers on. i have tried to put a direct 5v. but the receiver never works. when i place voltage to it the light flickers than stops. i have tried putting other receiver on the...
  6. themajik1

    Nighthawk Pro Ready to Fly

    So, this just happened... Got it from Gearbest. Not sure if it would be all that great, but after attaching the video tx antenna and AA batteries in the remote, and attaching a Tattu 1300mAh 75C battery to the quad... I took it out for a couple of quick test flights. I think it looks to...
  7. L

    Rtf/Arf Race quad

    Hi, Two months ago i got a Self stabilizing quadcopter and i loved it. Now i want to get deeper in These things. I am Looking for an rtf /Arf Racing quad. Something up to 300- 350 €.:cool: Thanks
  8. M

    Peon 230 a 3-d printed race quad

    Peon 230 FPV race quad, the frame was made on my 3-D printer. I made this for my dad for his b-day and really didn't know how this was going to come out being only my 2nd quad but after a little tuning it fly's amazing. Parts List: Tech2c's Peon230 3-D printed frame with added mounts and...