Peon 230 a 3-d printed race quad


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Peon 230 FPV race quad, the frame was made on my 3-D printer. I made this for my dad for his b-day and really didn't know how this was going to come out being only my 2nd quad but after a little tuning it fly's amazing.

1.jpg 2.jpg 0409.jpg 0410.jpg

Parts List:

Tech2c's Peon230 3-D printed frame with added mounts and landing gear
QQ Thunder super Flight Controller- very basic but works great and allows for fast flying without much worry, just let off the sticks
Neewer 12A esc
E-max MT1806-2280kv motors
Gemfan 5030 3-blade....I actually like them better than the 2-blade 5030 and 5040's
Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter
Fatshark Predator V2 combo
added a 1-6s low voltage alarm
Runs on a Venom 2100mah 3s

I did have some problems at first setting up the gains, which is easy if you watch a video or 2....:cool:
They need to be set pretty low for this size quad but that doesn't keep it from being quick and stable.


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Looks nice.

What I'm still waiting for is 3D printing to reach a point where I can print props as nice as HQ's :)

Even better if I could grind up my used props, process them back into filament and re-print them :D

I'd say I wouldn't be surprised if we're there in 10 years...but...well...I wouldn't be surprised if we're there in 5 years and would only be impressed and not shocked if we reached that point in 2 years ;)

I could almost even see someone coming out with a machine to do it all in one this year...but would expect the props to need some serious balancing, be weak and brittle, and cost more than it could possibly save over buying mass produced injection molded props ;)


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Yea that would save a lot of cash, I've seen some folks make props but I haven't tried any yet.

There are machines to reprocess old scrap plastic back into filament today:black_eyed:. I've checked into a few DIY sources and will probably make one soon with all the scrap I have from prototypes and waste. I'd say that you would need at least a .05 layer height to get flyable props and that wont be cheap or easy to set up..........But I could see using a printer to make a mold using a metal based filament, then you could make your own carbon fiber props with full layers and change the design.... everyday.

Ill try and make some tomorrow and see how it goes :cool: