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  1. PlanesAndThings

    A Random Thread! (Everyone can post!) [*NEW POLL*]

    I made this thread for plane ideas that SHOULDN'T be able to work, funny plane ideas, weird things, epic fails, epic success's, and other random things! Post whatever you want! Yes! :)
  2. PlanesAndThings


    This is my logbook, crashbook, and sketchbook! First Sketch: I really wanna see who makes a plane plan out of this- i randomly drew it cause why not!

    Naze 32 board, random yaw issues.

    Hey guys, ran into a problem with my new Acro Naze32 board and was hoping y'all could help. Quad: Acro Naze32 Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Multi-Rotor Motor Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC Gemfan 5040 Multirotor Propellers The Frame is of my own design but is very similar to the...